How to choose your ATV?

How to choose your ATV? In this article we will see the characteristics of the bicycles, the different geometries, which I hope will help you to choose or understand your next assembly according to your practice and your budget… This can be quite consistent in some disciplines, always look at second-hand before starting from the new. First of all, we will determine which mountain biker you are. “ATV” is a broad term. The word ATV covers several categories. First of all, the different disciplines of “MTB”: CrossCountry or XC: this discipline consists of cycling on flat, hilly or uneven terrain (in the mountains). During your outings you will have a series of kilometers. In competition, a start line, a finish line, the first to cross the line to win. Enduro: recent discipline with a descending profile. In competition, only the downhill, special parts are timed. During the special stages, a maximum of 15 to 20% can be so-called physical parts. DH or DownHill: only descent, often practiced in the mountains, the lifts are by mechanical lift. Trial: a particular discipline of mountain biking which consists in overcoming obstacles (stones, trunks, nozzles, etc.) without putting feet on the

How to choose your hybrid bike

A VTC is, as its name suggests, a mountain bike. It is ideal for driving on asphalt and roads. The Hybride bike (HB*) is located between the city bike and the mountain bike. It is perfect for family outings. It’s a very versatile model. The differences between a HB, a city bike and a mountain bike Wheels: as with a city bike, the diameter of the wheels of the HB is larger than on a mountain bike. The tires of the HB are narrower than those of the ATV. Ideal compromise for use on the road or on the road. Comfort: the driving position on a HB is more comfortable than on an ATV. The HB allows you to drive with your chest up. There is therefore less risk of contracting back pain! Equipment: HBs are often equipped with comfort elements that you will not find on ATVs (e.g. mudguards and luggage racks). Suspension: HBs can be equipped with a telescopic fork, double-walled rims and serrated tires to maintain comfort on rough roads. Which HB s to choose? To choose your HB, it is essential to determine in advance your program of use. There are two families